Instructions for authors

Preparing your proceedings paper

As you may already know, Springer has developed a very innovative publishing approach which entails making your work available in as many parallel formats as possible (printed copy, eBook, epub for iPad, Kindle edition etc.). This is also reflected in the preparation of the manuscript and means that all files you submit will be converted and re-formatted according to the Springer branded style. For this reason it is no longer necessary for you to spend valuable time on putting the final touches to the manuscript.The following applies to the IFMBE Proceedings:

  • Recommended paper range = 2000-3000 words.
  • Each paper must be submitted with an abstract, keywords and a conflict of interest declaration.
  • Citations should be numbered
  • Basic Reference Style (see attachment) will be implemented by Springer
  • Figures should be saved as TIFF with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi.

All authors must comply to Springer’s ethical policies and include statements in their manuscripts declaring whether there are any conflicts of interest with their paper. Papers will not be published without these statements.